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Breed - альтернативный загрузчик для роутеров

отредактировано July 2015 Раздел: Роутеры
Китайский разработчик Hackpascal создал свою альтернативу стандарному загрузчику роутеров uboot - Breed. Брид - универсальный загрузчик, который поддерживает чипы mediatek 7620/7620a/7628, atheros ar9331/9344, qualcomm 9531/9533/9558.
Главные фишки загрузчика:
- Веб-интерфейс(к сожалению, на китайском)
- Возможность попасть в загрузчик без использования аппаратной кнопки роутера
- Доступ к коммандной строчке загрузчика через telnet
- dhcp-сервер

На роутерклабе есть зеркало, обновляется еженочно:

Пример коммандной строчки:
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Boot and Recovery Environment for Embedded Devices
Copyright © 2015 HackPascal <[email protected]>
Build date 2015-04-07 [git-3bc4220]
Version 1.0 (r446)

Starting breed built-in shell

breed> help^M
Avaliable commands:
about - About this bootloader
arp - Display ARP table
autoboot - Detect firmware type and boot automatically
boot - Boot firmware
btntst - Test GPIO of buttons
dhcp - Display DHCP leases
exit - Exit from telnet
flash - Flash utility
gpio - GPIO utilities
help - Show avaliable commands
mem - Memory operation utilities
mii - MII utility
net - Network control
netstat - Display network state
reset - Restart device
setbrg - Set baudrate
sysinfo - Display system information
thread - Display all threads
wget - Retrieval file through HTTP


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  • отредактировано November 2015
    Лог обновлений:

    [2015-11-03 r791 ]
    Repair AR / QCA may fail to restart and unable to start the firmware problems when using the 32M Flash (only for the breed, not for firmware)
    Increasing the TP-LINK TL-WR800N support
    Repair TL-WDR6500 v2 lead to data corruption in the brush into the bootloader of greater than 63kb BUG
    Modify Oye-0001 default baud rate is 115200
    The ar724x-ubnt rename ar724x-unifi-ap
    AR724X increase separate RESET GPIO 11 12 support and RESET GPIO

    [2015-10-18 R777 ]
    Oh yeah increase Oye-0001 support
    Increase PISEN cloud chase drama WMP002N support
    Repair MT7620 / MT7628 / MT7688 memory identification may not be accurate BUG
    Repair MT7620 + SDRAM (FIR300M / 302M) from r645 began to appear unstable BUG

    [2015-09-21 r766 ]
    Firmware upgrade may not be possible by UBNT Web BUG repaired AR724X brush into UBNT firmware

    [2015-09-20 r765]
    Increasing portion of new models Flash support
    Repair AR / QCA start a BUG firmware

    [2015-09-11 r761]
    Increase support Thunder special edition Time Machine
    AR / QCA series adds Atheros LSDK firmware flash layout support
    QCA953X increase music as routing firmware support (due to no such routes, so there is no special version support)
    MT7620 increase millet Mini firmware SN and bdata backup support
    Repair AR9341 may not start WNDR2000 v4 original firmware BUG

    [2015-09-08 r755 ]
    Increase MT7621 (Newifi D1) support
    Flash AR724X increase cancellation at boot write protection feature, in order to support the latest UBNT firmware (on UBNT XM 5.6.2 Test)
    Replace the MT7628 / MT7688's Flash drive to accelerate read and write speed
    MT762X increase 0x60000 flash layout support
    All special models increase when entering Web console mode system status indicator LED flashes functions; lighting Power LED normal startup

    [2015-08-21 r717]
    Increase MT7688 support
    MT7628 repair may result in network VLAN problem Breed nowhere
    Stop supporting the MW300R v6

    [2015-08-06 r708 ]
    Add Netgear WNR2000 v4 support
    Increasing the TP-LINK TL-WDR6500 v2 support
    AR934X increase memory stability
    Repair QCA9558 under PCI-E initialize BUG, ​​solve problems 5G wireless unavailable

    [2015-07-28 r679]
    Add WNDR4300 supports (see posts
    Increase the stability of firmware backup
    Increase the reliability of the connection wget command

    [2015-07-19 r647 ]
    Add the new mini firmware update support millet

    [2015-07-17 r646 ]
    Repair MT7620 memory error detection BUG

    [2015-07-13 r645] - эту ревизию не шить ни в коем случае!
    Add MT7628AN support (MT7628KN Write test), the new version supports routing pole pole One S HC5661A
    AR724X increase Netgear WNR1000 v2 support (no support brush factory firmware)
    Repair AR724X PCI-E initialize BUG, ​​solve problems without wireless
    Repair AR / QCA series MAC address read error BUG
    Repair is not recognized at the time of the collapse of BUG Flash Model

    [2015-06-04 r623]
    AR724X increase UBNT support

    [2015-06-03 r615]
    Add AR7242 + RTL8367R support (TL-WR2543ND Gigabit wired)
    Fixed a BUG AR / QCA SPI, which may cause the brush into the firmware BUG error

    [2015-06-01 r610]
    Add AR7240 / AR7241 supports (AR7242 currently supports only the built-in single-port Fast switch)
    Repair MT7620 one does not know what effect the BUG (cable networks)

    [2015-05-27 r599]
    AR9342 / AR9344 AR8035 increased support (self-identification)
    Repair AR / QCA possible to read Flash error problem

    [2015-05-13 r585]
    Add AR9341 support
    Add AR9342 + AR8327 supports (TP-LINK TL-WR1041N v2 Special Edition)
    This version (This version only) of AR / QCA series by any version of U-Boot straight brush

    [2015-05-12 r576]
    AR9331 fix display problems in the breed under abnormal network port LED
    Add TP9343 support
    Add QCA9558 + AR8327N support (Fast Gigabit adaptive)
    One add pole pole routing (HC6361) Special Edition, supports only Type TP-LINK firmware

    [2015-05-07 r547]
    Add QCA9558 + AR8236 supports (megabytes available only)
    Add AR9331 support
    Backup firmware can not fix the problem that may arise
    Fixes the frequency setting display abnormalities in Firefox

    [2015-05-04 r531]
    添加 QCA953X 支持

    [2015-05-03 r527]
    Add AR9344 + AR8327N Gigabit Edition support
    Add Mercury MW4530R special edition

    [2015-04-29 r520]
    Adding pole pole three routes (HC5861) Special Edition, Gigabit LAN available

    [2015-04-28 r515]
    Setting the switch port isolation, prevent causing PC at startup direct access to superior routing IP address

    [2015-04-26 r511]
    Add AR9344 Fast version support, support for custom overclocking
    MT7620 increase RippleOS restore factory settings function
    Repair can not upload problem in Linux systems
    Get to the wrong IP address problem started after the repair firmware

    [2015-04-07 r446]
    Add Route pole pole II (HC5761) Special Edition
    Set MT7620 CPU default frequency of 580MHz
    Add overclocking

    [2015-04-06 r433]
    BUG repair can not be used on a 256MB memory
    Add Lenovo Y1S (newifi) Special Edition, supports dual Gigabit ports
    Add Fiji News FIR300M / 302M Special Edition

    [2015-04-04 r425]
    Add love fast firmware boot support
    Perfection millet Mini firmware boot support (as explained on the 6th floor)
    Add millet Mini Special Edition
    Unable to start the firmware fixes the problem again

    [2015-04-03 r419]
    Add Youku routing Bao Special Edition
    Backup firmware can not fix the problem in 32M Flash under (mainly Youku routing Po)
    Unable to start the firmware fix sporadic issues

    [2015-04-02 r411]
    Add 3 Special Edition

    [2015-03-31 r408]
    Repair on the part of the routing problem can not start the firmware (ZTE Q7)
    Brush mode when entering all network port LED flashes

    [2015-03-30 r396]
    Repair millet Breed Mini boot into question
    Repair some original firmware can not be soft reset problem

    [2015-03-30 r393]
    Add GPIO # 26 Reset key support (ZTE Q7 portable 3G wireless router)
    Improved MT7620 btntst command

    [2015-03-29 r389]
    Lenovo repair after routing (Y1 Y1S RY-1, etc.) can not start PandoraBox firmware or boot kept the issue of resuming
    Add Youku routing treasure firmware into the brush and start-up support
    Add Buffalo WHR-1166DHP restore factory settings support
    Supported by PandoraBox U-Boot into the brush

    [2015-03-24 r372]
    Increase the MT7620 route with the support of an external PA

    [2015-03-24 r353]
    Part of the original firmware fixes wired network can not be used

    [2015-03-23 r346]
    Repair LED full brightness problems
    Repair the reset button GPIO test function some BUG
    Repair MT7620 frequency display the wrong question
    Jump to repair / cgi-bin / luci problem
    Add Buffalo WHR-1166DHP Support (reset key only)

    [2015-03-21 r323]
    Test First Edition
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  • А что за BreedEnter.exe?
  • По-идее, это штука для запуска breed без зажатия кнопки сброса при включении. Но у меня не получилось. Может, что-то не так делал - запускал в виртуалке.
  • у меня глупый вопрос: а breed на английском вообще есть или только на китайском?
  • только на китайском, скрины сделаны с хрома с автоматическим переводом.
  • Подскажите пожалуйста, как прошить данным загрузчиком xiaomi mini?
  • С какой прошивки?
  • С заводской или промежуточной, с какой скажите с такой и буду прошивать
  • Найти любую инструкцию по прошивке загрузчика в xiaomi mini и прошить breed :)
  • Здравствуйте, прошил загрузчик breed-rt5350-airmobi-iplay.bin для роутера A5-V11 rt5350f, загрузчик стартует, через него прошил на keenetic 4g II, но после прошивки загрузчик слитает, что делать?
  • в ядре keenetic4g прописана переливка загрузчика, ничего с этим не сделать.
  • Господа,вопрос не много не про Breed но про загрузчик,может кто нибудь пересобрать U-boot для rt5350 с вкладкой network console? заранее спасибо
  • отредактировано May 2016
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  • Антивирус ругается на BreedEnter.exe! Там правда вирус?
  • отредактировано July 2016
    а кто ж знает, я не знаю, как он работает :) упакую в zip, чтобы не ругался гугл.
    ух ты, я смотрю много новых моделей добавилось.
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